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Rafał Wojasiński

In 2019, the Marek Nowakowski Literary Award gave the title to Rafał Wojasiński, author of the series of stories Olanda.

For mastery in dealing with varied types of short-story writing, exquisite use of language, and finally, the consistency with which for years he has portrayed the poor, the wronged and the humiliated, doing so in a subtle and in-depth manner,” – this was the justification given by the jury, made up of: Maciej Urbanowski (chairman), Włodzimierz Bolecki, Wojciech Chmielewski, Janusz Drzewucki, Irena Makarewicz, Krzysztof Masłoń, and Mateusz Matyszkowicz.

“Marek Nowakowski himself took patronage over our winner’s book, Złodziej ryb, published 15 years ago,” said jury chairman Maciej Urbanowski during the awards ceremony. “In the frequently cited foreword to this volume, Nowakowski described Wojasiński as a ‘wild writer’ and praised him, among others things, for being predatory, for ‘yanking steaming scraps from the matter of life’ and for combining ‘life with imagination’. He has an infallible ear, and ‘course, often rough-hewn elements, words, sentences, descriptions, dialogues, create a coherent, dramatic composition of [his] stories’. Nowakowski also noted that Wojasiński’s work is not only a description of ‘mundane slithering with an entire inventory of mundane human actions’, it also contains metaphysics, ‘as reality unexpectedly moves to a higher level’, and the characters “quarrel with God in their own way’”.

According to the jury chairman, these words “prove not only our Patron’s regard for Rafał Wojasiński, a regard which would probably not exist without a certain sense of affinity with his own works, but they are also an accurate characterisation of later works of the author of Złodziej ryb, including Olanda, which is being recognised today.


Rafał Wojasiński, born in 1974, is a prose writer, playwright and head of the prose section at literary quarterly Wyspa. He is the author work including Złodziej rybStara, and Olanda, as well as numerous plays for Polish Radio Theatre. His prose has won several awards. The philosophical novel Stara was presented in Polish Radio Theatre in an adaptation by Waldemar Modestowicz and translated into French, English, Bulgarian, and Spanish. A teacher by profession, he works at an informal educational organisation. He lectures in literature at universities for senior citizens.


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Rafał Wojasinski

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